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Monday, April 22, 2024

Open geth (and other) binaries on MacOS

Recently, I had a problem opening the geth binaries (one of the Ethereum execution clients) on macOS.


After a short internet search, I found it was caused by extended attributes check. The problem like that occurs when the unsigned software is downloaded from the internet, but only using a web browser. When the curl or wget commands are used, there are no extended attributes assigned to the file.

 To check if the file has extra attributes, you can run a simple `ls -l` command and look for the `@` character.

> ls -l
-rwxr-xr-x@ 1 wawrzek  staff  45986920 17 Apr 07:06 geth
The list of attributes can be obtained with the `xattr` command:
> xattr geth
The same command can be used to remove the attribute
> xattr -d geth
what enables an application to run.

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Logitech MX Keys S on macOS and Linux (Crux)

 Before I forget again.

- On macOS, the UK keyboard is recognised as the ISO (International) one. That maybe causes the problem with the location of the ['`','~'] key. It's mixed up with the ['§','±'] one. I wrote maybe, because today I manually set it up to the ANSI option. That fixed the problem. But then, for a test, switched back to ISO, and it still works fine. Maybe my problem is because I connected the keyboard to a USB switch, rather than directly.

- Officially, Logitech supports Logi Option + software on Windows and Mac, but on Linux we have Solaar. It works, and if you are a Crux user, I created a port for it.