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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Space War

Let say it is a late Christmas present for Science Fiction fans. Especially ones who like a lot of science in SF. Two articles discussion how space warfare can look. Have fun.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Even more threads counting

This is small extension to one of my previous posts. This time a loop is enriched by load values (from /proc/loadavg) as well as measurement time (date).  ps command uses the same option, but there is small improvement in awk call.  Rather than count only processes per state it concatenate state with last string in command arguments — I was mostly interested in few java application and jar name was the last parameter for each one. Also awk counts only processes actually running or in uninterruptible sleep ($2 ~ /(D|R)/ at the beginning of awk command).

while [ 1 ];
    cat /proc/loadavg;
    ps -Leo pid,state,args |
     awk ' $2 ~ /(D|R)/ {state[$2 " - (" $1 ") " $NF]++} \
      END{ for (j in state) {printf "%s - %d\n", j, state[j]}}' |
      sort -k 2;
    echo "---";
    sleep 5;

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Debian, Vim and alternatives

I don't know why, but default editor in Debian is not Vim, but Nano. I learned once that it can be change with a command, but has never remembered the actual name of it and since than had to check it each time in install Debian (not so often). Today decided to write it down, not to search too long next time. Maybe it's going to be useful to others:
aptitude install vim.nox
update-alternatives --set editor vim.nox