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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Many AWS accounts and Zsh

That might not be a common problem, but I have to deal with many AWS accounts in the same time. For example I might to have to run an Ansible playbook for one account and a CLI commend for other one in parallel. To make my life easier i wrote this ZSH function. (It's probably going to work in other advance shell).

There are two ways to use it.
  • awsenv list - returns the list of all available accounts/environments.
  • awsenv - sets, based on values provided in ~/.aws/credentaials and ~/.aws/config, AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_DEFAULT_REGION.
The list is create with simple AWK script (assuming that any lines with "[]" is OK.

The actual command to set environment uses two AWK scripts. First one looks for requested account name and set variable "a" to 1. When "a" equals 1 it prints shell export command for access_key_id and for secret_access_key to  standard output, which is redirected to $TMP_FILE. Then it sources, prints and deletes that file.

Please note that in current form script requires access_key_id being define before secret_access_key.  Printing the value of all variables, especially secret_aceess_key could be consider as security weakness, so you might want to modify/remove "cat $TMP_FILE line.

# vim: set filetype=sh
awsenv () {
    if [[  $1 == list ]]
        print $1
        awk  '/\[.*\]/ {print $1}'  ~/.aws/credentials
        awk \
           /\['$1'\]/ {a=1};\
           /access_key_id/ {if (a==1){printf "export %s=%s\n", toupper($1), $3}};\
           /secret_access_key/ {if (a==1) {printf "export %s=%s\n", toupper($1), $3;a=0}}'\
            ~/.aws/credentials > $TMP_FILE
        awk \
            /\[profile '$1'\]/ {a=1};\
            /region/ {if (a==1){printf "export AWS_DEFAULT_%s=%s\n", toupper($1), $3; a=0}}'\
            ~/.aws/config >> $TMP_FILE
        source $TMP_FILE
        cat $TMP_FILE
        rm $TMP_FILE

Finally, initial version of this script and some discusion on profiles in older boto versions is in this post