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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Copy many lines in Emacs

I'm VIM not Emacs user, but use the later one to applied DNS changes. It has two nice feature helping to maintenance BIND zone files. First, built-in versioning in RCS, but even more helpful the mechanism of updating serial number.

Anyway, I found it's very hard to copy more than one line in Emacs, until I found some suggestion here and here. So to copy the current line without the newline you have to one of two (depends if you want copy or move the lines):
C-a C-Space C-e M-w
C-a C-Space C-e C-w
It means: C-a move to beginning of the line, C-Space sat the mark, C-e go to end line, M-w/C-w save/delete(kill) the region. "OK, but it only one line" you may save and you would be right. But to mark more line you just need to i.e. use arrow before marking a text (by M-w).