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Sunday, February 04, 2024

Open file from command line (in Linux and Macos)

One of the nice feature of MacOS is the open command. It allows opening files directly from the command line without knowing the application linked to the file type. For example:

 open interesting.pdf 

opens the interesting.pdf file using whatever program is assigned to open PDF files. (If you want more example about the open command, you can check this link.)

For some time I wonder about a Linux equivalent. Recently decided to look for it more actively and check if AI might help. It did, and pointed at the gio command from the Gnome Input/Output library. After adding a function or an alias following block of code to the .zshrc, I have a Linux equivalent.

  •  alias

open="gio open"

  • function:

open () {

    gio open $1


And finally, xdg-open is an alternative for the "gio open".