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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Real "Get All Launch Configuration" In Boto

During my recent Ansible tests I created 'some' number of launch configuration, enough to reach account limit and I wanted/had to clean it. Boto sounded like a good candidate to do this. This few lines should address my problem.

import boto
import boto.ec2
import boto.ec2.autoscale

asg = boto.ec2.autoscale.connect_to_region('us-east-1')
results = asg.get_all_launch_configurations()

But it didn't. I could even found my launch configurations in the results sets. I figured out quickly that my results set is rather big and by default get_all_lunch_configurations method paging results (AFAIR default value is 20). Using example from this post on SDB I create following function doing what above method name promises - get all lunch configuration.

def get_all_launch_configuration(connection)
    """get_all_launch_configuration(connection) -
       returns results set of all launch configuration,
       regardless it size. Function require established
       boto.ec2.autoscaling connection."""

    results = connection.get_all_launch_configurations()
    token = results.next_token
    while True:
        if token:
            r =  asg.get_all_launch_configurations(next_token=token)
            token = r.next_token

    return results