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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Remote diff

When you are working as a Linux SysAdmin quite often you have to compare files from two different machines. I found (here) the script which made my life easier, but after some time decided to customize and extent it a bit. Usually I compare file in the same location therefore the first argument of my script is file path. I also gave chance user to pass an argument for the diff command (4th argument, the default is '-b').
# this acts as a remote diff program, accepting two files and displaying
# a diff for them.  Zero, one, or both files can be remote.  File paths
# must be in a format `scp` understands: [[user@]host:]file

[ -n "$1" ] || [ -n "$2" ] || [ -n "$3" ] || \
{ echo "Usage: `basename $0` file1 server1 server2" && exit 1;}

if test -e $4 

scp "$2:$1" rdiff.1 >& /dev/null
scp "$3:$1" rdiff.2 >& /dev/null
diff $opt rdiff.1 rdiff.2
rm -f rdiff.1 rdiff.2