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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Another awk example

This time how to print all columns others than first one, but only for lines begins with i.e. exim4-config.
hub-02:~# awk '/^exim4-config/ {$1=""; print }' test2
And I got:
 exim4/dc_smarthost string
 exim4/dc_relay_domains string
 exim4/dc_relay_nets string
 exim4/mailname string
 exim4/dc_localdelivery select mbox format in /var/mail/
 exim4/dc_local_interfaces string
 exim4/dc_minimaldns boolean false
 exim4/dc_other_hostnames string
 exim4/dc_eximconfig_configtype select mail sent by smarthost; received via SMTP or fetchmail
 exim4/no_config boolean true
 exim4/hide_mailname boolean false
 exim4/dc_postmaster string toor
 exim4/dc_readhost string
 exim4/use_split_config boolean true
BTW. I need this list to filter responses used to configure Exim in Debian. And I need the answers to reuse them in pressed.
Oh, I obtained the list using:
debconf-get-selections  --install > test2