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Sunday, February 05, 2012

CakePHP tutorials on TuxRadar

LinuxFormat presented a some time ago interesting tutorials to CakePHP. What even more interesting their share materials on TuxRadar webpage. The only problem I found is lack of some kind of list of contents, so I made one:

  1. CakePHP Tutorial: Build Web Apps Faster
  2. CakePHP Tutorial: Storage, Baking and Slugs
  3. CakePHP Tutorial: Build a file sharing application
  4. CakePHP Tutorial: Build a bookmark site

BTW. IF you hit this page you might be also interested in Practical PHP Programing tutorial from the same page.

List of VMs on XenServer (with UUIDs)

Xen XE command is a very powerful tool, especially if you bind it with other UNIX tools such as awk. Let say we need a map of vm uuids and theirs names. We can use an output from the vm-list command and parse if with awk to get desire result.
xe vm-list | \
awk '{if ( $0 ~ /uuid/) {uuid=$5} if ($0 ~ /name-label/) \
{$1=$2=$3="";vmname=$0; printf "%s - %s\n", vmname, uuid}}'

The script first save the fifth column from a line having uuid string in it into the variable uuid. Next it saves all columns, after the third one, from line having name-label into variable vmname. Finally it prints both variables.

The exemplary output:

ukweb2 - fbca0851-35de-2963-bf0c-7980f3c0d96f
nagios - b741def2-14cc-def4-f8ba-ff0d3ed741d9
ukmail1 - 343c8f93-e4db-d0df-bc30-7544fcd6f14e
jira - ecc3241f-ac14-0398-4e44-ba96cd1d51d2
dodb-02 - 7f223172-e43e-a200-6dc6-b108ce4f9166
RTST-Witness Server - 3c236b0a-209f-6ac9-6d46-b14f7678bfa6
hub-01 - 60ef767c-9b87-edf8-9f13-af2185e656cd
ukweb1 - 6e0e4622-ddfe-0db8-a128-f432e05565cb
dns2 - d65e40d4-ea21-1cbf-cc86-9f522f5e04ef
ixchariot - 73f78129-86db-fd9f-81b4-85768eeee487

We can modify our command to prepare a list of all host with vms bind to them. This time we use xe vm-list with params=all option. The scripts searches for lines with the name-label and saves a name (third column). Next it looks for lines with the word affinity and a uuid (we know that UUID have to start from a hexadecimal number) and prints a saved name.

xe vm-list params=all| \
awk '{if ( $0 ~ /name-label/) {$1=$2=$3=""; vmname=$0} \
if ($0 ~ /affinity.*\:\ [a-e,0-9]/) {host=$4; printf "%s \n", vmname}}'

The output might looks similar to:

Control domain on host: p1-m4 
   Control domain on host: p1-m2 
   Control domain on host: p1-m3 
   Control domain on host: p1-m1 

You might wonder why the list is so short, but we have the list of machine enforce to start from a given host (affinity to a given UUID). If you have machine on share storage allowed to flow between machine you should get very short list indeed.