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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

How to find s3 bucket in multiple accounts (with awk and multiple field separator)

Imagine you have quite a few AWS accounts. In one of them, you don't know which one, there is an S3 bucket. The AWS CLI with awk and zsh can help to find it.

In the first step, let's prepare a list of all accounts, or rather profiles from the AWS CLI config (the ~/.aws/config file).

accounts=($(awk -F "( |])" '/profile sso/ {print $2}'  ~/.aws/config))

In the example, we limit the list only to profiles with the prefix "sso". The command uses awk to find any line with the string "profile sso" and print the second field from it. However, it does no use the standard field separator. There are 3 characters working as a separator: space, "|" and "]". Please also note the awk command is two pairs of "()".

 The list is saved into the accounts variable and used in the second command. It lists all s3 buckets from each account, and grep for the selected string, which of course can be the whole bucket name.

for accounts ($accounts) {echo $account; aws s3 ls --profile $p| grep $bucket}