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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Header for bonnie++ csv file

Recently I started to use bonnie++ to perform some disk tests. One of the thing annoy me is that bonnie++ output has no the 'csv header' describing what is in which column. It makes overview of results in a spreadsheet rather hard. Therefore I created my own one.
,,Per Chr, ,Block, ,Rewrite, ,Per Chr, ,Block, ,Seeks, ,Create, ,Read, ,Delete, ,Create, ,Read, ,Delete
You can save above lines in the file called i.e. bonnie-header.csv and then cat it before csv part of bonnie.out file (of course it can have different name), by:
cat bonnie-header.csv `tail -1 bonnie.out` >bonnie.csv
After that the output should looks similar to this one: BTW. I found that default number of files creating for metadata benchmarks is low, so I increased it to 128.
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