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Monday, December 08, 2008

Gnuplot with readline on MacOSX

Recently, I tried to use gnuplot on a Mac, and, of course, it wasn't working properly. Apple prepared and shipped with MacOS its own (broken) version of readline library with didn't work with gnuplot (known bug). So I grabbed the sources of readline, applied all of patches and built mine version of readline. Next, I added the proper option to gnuplot configure file, but it wasn't pass to makefile. I looked into the Makefiles and found the the TERMLIBS option had to be change. I.e. using such command:
find . -name Makefile \
-exec sed -i.old "s/TERMLIBS\ =/TERMLIBS = -L\/usr\/local\/lib/" {} \; 
Two more things about gnuplot and MacOSX.
  1. I started to think to make a for MacOSX, but sure how it should work.
  2. I found that X11 term is much better then Aqua, in particular, it's allow to rotate 3D (s)plots.
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