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Friday, April 19, 2013

Ubuntu and mix of NFS, NIS and autofs in post from past

Some time ago I had a problem with autofs, NIS and NFS during Ubuntu start. As far as I remember autofs was responsible for serving users home directories, define with NIS and  provided from remote location with  NFS. The problem that autofs started before network and NIS, so home directories weren't ready.

When I started look into the problem found that small change to autofs.conf should resolve the situation. I didn't deploy the fix on big scale (I were using CRUX on my desktop), but saved the patch to blogger and today finally found some time to share it. Maybe it will be useful for anyone.

root@test-upstart:/etc/init# diff -u autofs.conf ~wawrzekn/autofs.conf
--- autofs.conf2010-08-17 11:34:47.000000000 +0100 
+++ /home/wawrzekn/autofs.conf2011-02-06 12:19:48.678663000 +0000 
@@ -10,6 +10,15 @@ 
 pre-start script 
+while : 
+if [ $? = 0 ]  
+sleep 4 
 if [ -f /etc/default/autofs ]; then 
 . /etc/default/autofs 
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