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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Regexp Groups in Python

Let say that we have a string consist from a numeric continent code  (i.e. 1 for Europe) , followed by a country code  (i.e. 44 for UK)  and ended with a region code made in similar manner (i.e. Cambridge equal 65). A continent and a country are preceded with the letter C and a location with the letter L.

So we have the string C1C44L65 and we need to know the continent, counter and region codes, but numbers might have different length (i.e. 5, but also 55 or 555) so we cannot just grab selected characters from a string, but in Python we can use following regular expression to save all that information into "groups" for further use, in example in an mathematical operations (as integers).

info ="^C(?P[^\d]+)C(?P\d+)L(?P\d+)$", full_id)
continent = int("continent"))
country = int("country"))
region = int("region"))
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