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Monday, January 09, 2012 to install Debian on XenServer/XCP

Recently, I've needed to install many Debian VMs onto XenServers and, of course, wanted to automate it. One of my colleagues pointed that rather use existing tools like Cobbler I should take opportunity of working with world leading XenAPI developers and learnt it by writing some code. I took that advice and started to write a python script.

During that I decided that I could improve XenAPI documentation. I spent some extra time on my program and tried to write the code clear and with as many comments as possible, so other can learn from it and reuse it. I hoped to write even more documentation (some tutorial) based on my experiences, unfortunately I haven't had enough time.

Please find short documentation on Xen wiki:

and code on GitHub:

The script is called XenDebian, but with minor modification (new preseed file and change distro name in few places) you should be able to use it with Ubuntu. With a few more modification it should works for any distribution.

Finally, thanks to Project Kronos you would be soon able to install use XenDebian to install many Debian on Debian!
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