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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aptitude advance usage

Some time ago on the Debian mailing list there was a discussion (there are many discussion over there ;). That one was extremely interesting, not because of the problem (I don't remember it), but because of the Jörg-Volker. Peetz mail with information on advance aptitude usage:

"I would try the following:

- to find out what is installed
    aptitude search '~iapache'

- why it is installed
    aptitude why apache2-mpm-worker
  maybe this one is only recommended by another package

- and what depends on this package
    aptitude search '~i~Dapache2-mpm-worker'

- finally, see what would happen, if it is removed:
    aptitude -s purge apache2-mpm-worker"

In the same thread Bernd Semler suggested following command:

apt-cache rdepends $packagename

The original thread can be found here:

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