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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Crux as a second system in GRUB2

I tried to install CRUX as a secondary system on a DELL XPS 13 (Ubuntu Edition). I run setup, configured fstab and rc.conf, compiled a kernel and then tried to add new system to the GRUB2 menu in Ubuntu. The update-grub script recognised the new Linux entry, added it, but CRUX didn't start — kernel panicked. It could not find root partition. I double checked my kernel and had all important options mentioned in CRUX installation compiled in.
Then I looked at menu entry created by os-prober for CRUX and noticed that it had following line:

        linux /boot/vmlinuz root=/#ROOT_DEVICE# ro quiet

I analysed what the probe script do and found that it checked boot loader configuration files from a new/additional Linux. Then I remembered that I had not bothered to configure LILO, because I had plan to use Ubuntu GRUB2 rather than it. I updated /etc/lilo.conf (without runing lilo command itself).
After that update-grub properly created CRUX entry in boot menu and I could start my CRUX installation.
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