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Friday, November 25, 2011

XenServer CLI and grep by name

One of the annoying thing in XenServer command line tool (xe) is lack of regexp/wildcards in filtering vm (and other objects) by name. However, there is easy way to work around thanks to grep. Standard output have 3 lines per vm, with one line before (-B 1 in grep) and one after (-A 1) line with name. So you can use following line to find information about VM with given name:

xe vm-list | grep -B 1 -A 1 your-vm-name

You can also extend this command to get uuid of requested vm:

xe vm-list | grep -B 1  your-vm-name| awk '/uuid/ {print $5}'

What can be use i.e. to take the snapshot:

vm-uuid=`xe vm-list | grep -B 1  dowa| awk '/uuid/ {print $5}'`
xe vm-clone name-name-label='dowa-01-clone' uuid=$vm-uuid
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