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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to find the not commented line using Vim

The significant part of BOFH's live consist of editing config files. It's not so uncommon that you need find not commented lines (i.e. to find it something is set). With vim it's very easy:
The above line command the editor to: find a line which doesn't start with # or rather: find a string which is at the beginning of a line with the first character anything else then #. This advice will work not only for vim i.e. you can use it in grep as well:
[user@server]$ grep  "^[^#]" modprobe.conf 
alias eth0 tg3
alias eth1 tg3
alias scsi_hostadapter mptbase
alias scsi_hostadapter1 mptspi
I discussed the similar case some time ago in this note: How to find line not starting with X in Vim.
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