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Monday, March 09, 2009

DarwinPorts via proxy

Recently, I needed a perl module not present on my MacOSX computer, which was behind a proxy. The friend suggested to use the Darwin ports rather the Perl from Apple. I downloaded and installed it to found I cannot install any port. The problem was due to the combination of using a proxy and the sudo rather then the root user. I guess such combination is rather common among MacOSX-perl users. So below I present the command which allows to use the Darwin ports from a normal MacOSX account. Generally note, you have to export both the RSYNC_PROXY as well as the http_proxy in the sudo environment.
sudo sh -c "export RSYNC_PROXY=proxy.server:port; \
export http_proxy=http://proxy.server:port; \
port install perl5.10 "
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