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Monday, August 11, 2008

Creating service starting script

One of our customer ask what to do to start IsoStar server during system start. Our customer was using Centos (RedHat derivative) so I suggested to use the command line tool called chkconfig [1, 2]. TO use this tool you need a special script starting Isostar Apache server. The sample of such script can be found here [3]. Here is the example instruction. Let me assume that isostar is going to /opt directory.
  1. Copy the script from link [3] to your HDD and call it isostar_server
  2. Change line:
    /opt/csd/isostar/APACHE/bin/ccdc_apache start
    and line:
    /opt/csd/isostar/APACHE/bin/ccdc_apache stop
  3. Remove following lines (from both start and stop subsection):
          #Or to run it as some other user:
    /bin/su - username -c /path/to/command/to/start/new-service
    echo "."
  4. Change 'new-service' in 'echo -n' lines to 'isostar_server'.
  5. Now as a root copy isostar_server file into /etc/init.d/
  6. Again as a root invoke chkconfig and add isostar_server: /sbin/chkconfig --add isostar_server
There are very similar tool for Debian (Ubuntu etc.) called update-rc.d [4, 5]. You should be able to use following command with the same (very similar script): update-rc.d isostar_server start 90 2 3 4 5 . stop 10 0 1 6.
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