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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sed one liners

I'm using this set of sed one liners very hardly. Today I found that I hasn't added it to my blog so I cannot find it easily. (You know I use this blog as a some kind of memory extension ;) I was trying to find sed command capitalized a variable, I couldn't find it at mentioned page. Farther searching pointed to very interesting thread at Unix .com forum. The was script doing something similar in python, perl, sed and awk. I chosen perl:
echo $myvar | perl -p -e '$_ = ucfirst'
However, python looks also nice:
echo $myvar | python -c "print raw_input().capitalize()"
Awk one is also nice, but a bit more complicated (one line):
echo $myvar |awk '{(sub("^.",substr(toupper($1),1,1),$1)); print }'
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