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Sunday, December 03, 2006

XymTeX: example

I'm using XymTeX to creating chemical structures in PhD thesis. I'm not fully satisfe, but it create structures' counter , which can be use for numbering and refering to structures. Recently I created Reichardt Betaine subtituted by eter crown. The command which create this picture is below. Is nice, isn't it ;) \begin{XyMcompd}(800,2000)(,-1400){zw:korona}{}
\sixheterov[ace]{4==\upnobond{N}{$\oplus$}} %
{1==Ph;3==Ph;5==Ph; %
4==\cyclohexanev[ace %
{c\sixfusev[ %
{c\sixfusev[ %
{d\sixfusev{2==O;5==\null}{}{A}[ef]} %
]{1==\null;4==\null}{}{F}[de]} %
]{3==O}{}{F}[cde]} %
{d\sixfusev[ %
{d\sixfusev[ %
{c\sixfusev{3==O;6==O}{}{F}[ab]} %
]{1==\null;4==\null}{}{A}[bc]} %
]{5==O}{}{A}[bcd]} %
] %
{4D=={\hspace*{-1.5mm}$| \underline{\mathrm{O}}|^{\ominus}$};1==(yl)}}
If you don't like XymTeX you can try konwerter very nice program by Piotr Wawrzyniak.
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