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Monday, November 21, 2005

WindowMaker without DockApps

One of the most annoying thinks in WMakera, are IconApps. Theoretical you can easily turn them off, but you turn off a lot of useful DockApps too. One of the strategy is choosing one application after another and changing to Yes its "No application icon" attribute, but is annoying too. Therefore I was looking for another method. And I found something.
  1. You choose any of application and setting Default for all windows in"Window Specification" in Attributes.
  2. Next setting "No application icon" to Yes (Application Specific).
  3. No you have to open terminal and lists all running applications (your applications). For example ps -u $USER. From this list you have write down all of your dockapps (i.e. wmcalclock, wmnet, wmsysmon, docker).
  4. Now you have to find what its WM_CLASS attribute. You can use xprop command to do this, i.e.: xprop -name wmnet In this case you should get two string wmnet and WMNET.
  5. After you write down all of this information you need to edit ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WMWindowAttributes file. You have to turn on AppIcon for chooses application. In our example you have to add this code: wmnet.WMNET = { NoAppIcon = No;}; For other applications you have to write theirs WM_CLASSes at the beginning of line.
  6. You can now restart your WindowMaker.
You should keep in mind that when you find new interesting DockApp it doesn't appear on your desktop, but it not a big problem. You have to find his WM_CLASSes and once more edit WMWindowAttributes file, and of course restart your WindowMaker.
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